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Class Information

See below for more information about the classes. 

If you have any questions at all, or special requests, please do contact me.

Children's classes

The Art Space offers fun, progressive art lessons that will help children develop confidence and ability in their own art practices. They will also learn about the context and language of art so they can reflect on the work and influences of other artists.

Children will develop their art skills using a wide range of media, and build on their knowledge and understanding of the ‘visual elements’ through their own practice. Creativity and personal expression will be encouraged.

Lessons will be in block bookings of 5 or 6 weeks (term-time based)  as some activities may run over more than 1 week.

Please see calendar for dates and times of lessons.

There are two levels of classes, by age.

Class 1 (Yr1-Yr3)

  • Thursday       4-5pm

Class 2  (Yr4 +)

  • Tuesday        4-5pm

  • Friday            4-5pm


Classes are for an hour and cost £9 each in term-time, and are booked in advance for a 5 or 6-week block, as shown on the calendar

All art materials are supplied. Children should bring an old t-shirt to protect their clothes.

Contact me if you would like to register your interest or need more details. vases.jpg

Adult Workshops

Up-coming Artist Teacher-Led workshops for Adults


To stay up to date with

new workshops,

please register your details

on my 'Contact Page'

or check back for more information and any

updates soon...

Open Art Sessions
Artist-led workshops
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Private Classes
Summer holiday, Children
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